Story number 3 for 1 Dec 2000

By December 1, 2000

December 1 marks World AIDS Day and an organization working with HIV patients is calling on the church to become more relevant to their communities. Bruce Sonnenberg, President of He Intends Victory, says the church has made significant strides in reaching out to AIDS sufferers. “When we first started this ministry in 1990, there were many churches who were asking people to leave their congregation because they were HIV positive. We don’t see that as much any more and we see more and more churches who do have AIDS policies.” However, Sonnenberg stresses more can be done. “What else can you give someone who is dying? Except the fact that Jesus loves them and has died for them as He’s died for all of us and has risen from the dead. And if they will receive him as Lord, they can spend eternity without this body, and without this pain and without this disease.” HIV is an international ministry dedicated to reaching millions of AIDS sufferers worldwide. They have chapters in almost a dozen countries.

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