Story number 3 for 1 Mar 2001

By March 1, 2001

(Nigeria)–Three people groups in Nigeria now have scripture available in their own language. The Seed Company, a ministry of Wycliffe Bible Translators, empowers nationals to translate scripture. The Seed Company’s Harold Good says they just dedicated the Gospel of Mark in the Cishingini (chee-sheen-gee-nee), Tsikimba (tsa-kim-ba) and Tsishingini (tsee-sheen-gee-nee) languages. “As people are reading it in their own language they come up with the comments that, oh, now we don’t even need a pastor anymore, we can understand it ourselves. So, that’s how real in comes to them. That they can understand it, because it’s in their own mother tongue – the language they grew up speaking as they were little children.” Good says the new translation as already seen people from other religions come to Christ. He says people need to pray as God’s word is released throughout the Muslim north. “One of the three languages in particular is this other predominately the Muslim religion and there will certainly be some opposition there to the Gospel coming in.”

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