Story number 3 for 10 May 2001

By May 10, 2001

(Russia)–Even as HIV’s grim statistics continue to pour out of governmental agencies, there are groups that are fighting the epidemic with facts, among other things. He Intends Victory is planning a June trip to Russia, armed with an invitation, knowledge, the Gospel and backed by a raging disease. HIV’s Jennifer Veary explains part of their mission. “It’s one of the areas of the world right now that is also being hit the hardest. They just don’t know enough about, they don’t know how to control it, prevention methods.” Veary adds that for those who’ve come face to face with their mortality, the hope of Christ can penetrate more effectively. “We found that it is just an open door to be able to share the Gospel with people who are infected…and also for the church to help the church minister to people with HIV/AIDS, educate them, so that they can reach out knowing what the disease is, and love people who are lost and hopeless.”

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