Story number 3 for 10 Oct 2001

By October 10, 2001

(USA)–The terrorist assault on the United States may be what calls many Americans to Christ. That’s the hope of many Christians around the world, including Bible Pathway Ministries. Bible Pathway’s Barbara Bivens. “I think people’s hearts are much more open. I know there was a recent report on CNN that Bible sales were up 27-percent. So, we know people have always been looking for an answer. And, due to what’s been going on over the last month or so, I think even more so now. And, the only answer is God and His word.” Bivens hopes President Bush will declare 2002 the year of Bible reading in America. She thinks many will turn to Christ. “This country was founded on Biblical principles. But, over the years we have drifted far away from it. Hopefully this will awaken people to realize that they need the relationship with God.”

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