Story number 3 for 11 Jun 2002

By June 11, 2002

(Philippines)–The Philippine military has stepped up its attack on the Muslim rebels considered more vulnerable now that they no longer hold the missionary hostages as human shields. However, the situation has set up a dangerous precedent by the terrorist group. Grace Ministries International’s Sam Vinton returned last week from a visit to their project in the area. He says there is some concern because of past history: “Several of our pastors have been killed in the years past, but the nationals haven’t expressed to me that the ministry is any harder, or more difficult. There were concerns in the sense of the insecurity. The positive part of the ministry there is the fact that the nationals are going on; this is God’s work.” Vinton says in spite of the increasing security issues, their work is progressing. “I think we need to pray simply that the pastors and Bible women teachers would simply show the love of Christ in such a way that they would be able to witness for the Lord Jesus.”

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