Story number 3 for 11 Sep 2002

By September 11, 2002

(International)– A heightened sense of guard purveys the attitude in the United States on this solemn day. And yet, the events of September 11 around the world may be even more stark-in some cases, an issue of daily survival. Worldwide Christian School’s Dale Dieleman explains.
“I’m not trying to minimize the issue, or the effect of 9-11 itself, or the whole world terrorism issue, but in many of the schools in the various countries I visit, their key issues are day to day, providing one good meal for the students during the course of the day.” Dieleman says, in spite of their own overwhelming needs, the tragedy in the United States still prompts support from fellow believers around the world. “There’s inquiry when I go and visit the countries, because they don’t have a lot of other contact with Americans. They’ll ask me ‘Well, how is America dealing with this?’ They’re very concerned, they pray for the families and they pray also for our leaders, for Bush and others, in terms of ‘what’s next?'”

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