Story number 3 for 12 Feb 2001

By February 12, 2001

(India)–Even as India rebuilds its shattered people, spiritual rebuilding is also occurring. Sammy Tippit has been preaching in the area neighboring the quake zone, and thousands have been responding to the hope of the Gospel, starting with the pastors. “In spirit, it was absolutely wonderful. The presence of the Lord was there. Pastors and leaders came to the front, and were on their faces, weeping, confessing sin and repenting of sin and there was a great move of the Spirit of God. I sense, among them, that there’s a great spirit of anticipation that God’s going to really visit this city.” When asked what made the meetings a success, Tippit said: “It’s a prayer campaign. They have had people praying from the very beginning. They discovered that there were pastors throughout the city that had been praying for six years for God to send me to the city. This thing has been birthed and nurtured in prayer.” Tippit concluded his ministry in India yesterday, but now heads for Pakistan for another series of meetings.

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