Story number 3 for 12 Jul 2001

By July 12, 2001

(USA)–More and more people are coming to Christ in the comfort of their own homes. According to ACTS International’s Dick Innes their website 911FindGod-dot-org is the vehicle he’s using to reach many people including those in countries closed to the Gospel. “From the first of the year until June 30th we had 632 salvation responses and last year we had 999. I remember. I’ve never been into numbers game, but we’re seeing some many responses it’s just plain exciting.” Innes says while the number of people coming to Christ is going up, donations are going down. Innes is working two jobs to make ends meet. “I’d like to put on one other full-time helper to help me because I’m literally working night and day, very often six and sometimes seven days a week. And, then of course I would like a lot more funds for promotions and advertising because obviously the more people we can get to come to our site the more people we’re going to see come to the Lord.”

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