Story number 3 for 12 Jul 2002

By July 12, 2002

(USA)–Luis Palau is stirring things up. More to the point, he hopes the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit are stirring things up in Syracuse, New York. Festival Syracuse begins today and will wind up tomorrow. Palau says due to the work of the churches and the spiritual climate of the area, people were ready to hear the Gospel. “I really think this has a great tradition of Roman Catholicism. And, Roman Catholicism prepares people’s souls, you know. People have a tender heart towards God and towards Jesus Christ, so people don’t resist the good news of Jesus, in fact, the welcome it.” Prayer is always needed during these festivals. As for complications, Palau had this to say: “To be very honest, I see great openness and great possibility of a touch of the Holy Spirit way beyond our expectations. I’m trying hard to think of what are the obstacles, and I can’t think of any.”

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