Story number 3 for 12 Mar 2002

By March 12, 2002

(USA)–As millions of college students head out for fun during spring break around the United States, thousands are serving the Lord. That’s the word from Habitat for Humanity’s Founder and President Millard Fuller. Fuller says Habitat has 700 campus chapters across the country participating in Habitat’s Collegiate Challenge. “We will have more than 10,000 of these students using their spring break, going across the country and build Habitat houses and they’ve already raised right at about one-million dollars to help buy materials. We’ve been doing this now for several years, but every year the number goes up.” According to Fuller, this is a service that goes beyond just building houses. “I have known so many people that have come to the Lord through this ministry. In fact, people have come to Christ and requested baptism because of their experience on a Habitat For Humanity worksite. And, this includes homeowners, volunteers and others.”

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