Story number 3 for 12 Nov 2002

By November 12, 2002

(Albania)–20 years ago, Albania was one of the most closed communist countries in Eastern Europe. Religion was outlawed. However, when the country opened in the 1990’s a Christian base was discovered, due, in part, to Christian Radio programs beamed in from Monte Carlo. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung. “Now, in ten years, the number of churches has grown considerably. There is freedom of religion. Words of Hope is now excited that we were able to enter into formal agreements with two brand new FM Christian radio stations to broadcast our programs five days a week.” The programs are being aired in Tirana and Korce (KOHR-cheh). DeYoung is also pleased with another development. “Radio Emmanuel in Korca is willing to air our Gypsy programs as well. Words of Hope and Trans World Radio broadcast to the millions of the Gypsy people particularly in Eastern Europe. And, radio Emmanuel is interested in putting those Gypsy broadcasts on the air.”

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