Story number 3 for 12 Sep 2001

By September 12, 2001

(USA)–Many are blaming the bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Islamic Fundamentalists, which could promote hatred toward them. U-S President of Open Doors Terry Madison says Christian’s can’t think of all Arabs as terrorists. “Most of them are decidedly not terrorists they are victimized as we are by the actions of a radical few. Imagine what it must be like for Arab Americans today. They unfortunately will bare the suspicions and anger, frustrations and hatred of many of our fellow American citizens. If we create an enemy image of the Arabs and the followers of Islam it is impossible for us to love them. If we hate them it will be impossible for us to be motivated to share the Gospel with them.” Madison believes this is a good time for American Christians to reach out in love to Arab neighbors in an effort point them to Christ.

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