Story number 3 for 13 Aug 2003

By August 13, 2003

(India)–As the violence escalates in India, BCM International is holding a special missions conference in Hyderabad. BCM’s John Noel say the conference is being used to train more than 400 nationals. Noel is asking people to pray for the conference. “They experience certainly some tension there. In other states throughout India there is a heightened extremist pressure. Some of our smaller churches have been burned. And, some of our pastors have either (been) injured or threatened.” Meanwhile, BCM is trying to raise 25-thousand dollars for their Ebenezer Conference Center in Hyderabad. Noel explains the need. “As the church grows tremendously especially in that part of the world then discipleship becomes a real need. And so, we’re targeting this particular facility as one which will really train our new missionaries and disciple the new Christians.”

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