Story number 3 for 13 Dec 2001

By December 13, 2001

(Indonesia)–Religious violence in Sulawesi, Indonesia over the past two weeks has prompted the government to act quickly to keep the carnage from spreading across the diverse island nation. Troops are now in the area to keep peace and protect people as they celebrate their holy days this month. Open Doors Ministries’ Terry Madison. “Some of the locations where Christians have been in considerable number and strength have been targeted by the Jihad warriors. There have been reports of even using bulldozers to come in and almost obliterate from the face of that part of the community the fact that Christians were even there.” Madison says they’re not out of the woods yet. He urges prayer. “The Jihad warriors are talking about ‘Bloody Christmas’, and their desire to destroy all the Christians by or before Christmas. And, if not destroy them, certainly make this not a time for rejoicing over the birth of the Prince of Peace, but the cries and laments and anguish of those who have lost loved ones.”

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