Story number 3 for 13 Dec 2002

By December 13, 2002

(Haiti)–Their goal: to saturate Haiti with the Gospel through solar-powered radios that are fix-tuned to Christian radio station 4VEH. Men For Missions’ Warren Hardig says thousands of souls are at stake. “It’s a spiritual warfare-it’s a deep, heavy spiritual warfare. And, the other thing is it’s an economic thing for them. It’s a very poor country, perhaps the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Per capita income is under 400-dollars a year, and for many of the people in the country, it’s lower than that.” Hardig says they’re hearing reports that even the witch doctors are coming to Christ through their outreach. That also increases the danger for mission workers who become the targets of resentful Haitians. “Pray for protection for the missionaries and for the pastors. We have a situation right now in Haiti, near our radio station in Vodry, where several Christians leaders, their lives are being threatened, and some of them are wanting to leave the country because they’re fearful for not only themselves, but for their families.”

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