Story number 3 for 13 Mar 2002

By March 13, 2002

(Afghanistan)–The earthquake that shook an already-rattled region in Afghanistan last week has left hundreds more without refuge. With each day, come new challenges for the Afghan people and the relief teams. It’s just one more thing to deal with says Food for the Hungry’s Beth Allen. “They have a very rough road ahead of them. They have a government to install; they have to try to pull things together with very few human resources in the country. What we’re seeing, especially in the northern part where we’re working, is that the tribal warfare is potentially coming back again.” Allen says although relief is getting through, one of their biggest challenges is discouragement. “I think the best thing that you can pray for right now, is for their safety, and for wisdom in how to go about doing the work that we’re doing. A lot of aid and relief workers were already working there before September 11th, and are really beginning to feel the strain and to feel some discouragement.”

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