Story number 3 for 14 Jul 2003

By July 14, 2003

(USA)–More than 10-thousand English teachers are needed in Asia and Finishers Project is hoping to do something about it. Finishers Project’s Nelson Malwitz says educators in China, Taiwan and Japan are emphasizing English at a younger age opening a great mission field. “There (are) paying teacher jobs in these countries. Now they don’t really care if they are Christians or not, but as Christians we have an opportunity to have really a new mission paradigm where the people will pay our missionaries, as it were, to come and to teach them English. At the same time we can be models with a message.” Malwitz says people can respond to the need on-line. “There’s been a web that’s been developed in order that people can make preliminary inquiry and then from there they will be followed up with organizations that actually do the sending. And, that web site is” Teachers can make up to two-thousand dollars a month, plus room a board is furnished.

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