Story number 3 for 14 Jun 2002

By June 14, 2002

(USA)–There’s a desperate need for French-speaking translation consultants in the United States. The Seed Company, a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators, needs these specially qualified people to assist in translating scripture into seven languages in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Seed Company’s Harold Good. “The reason we need these French speaking consultants is to provide the training to the mother tongue speakers who will then do the translating work themselves in their own mother tongue to reach several million people over the next few years with the Jesus Film, and the Gospel of Luke and some selected Old Testament portions.” Workshops begin in September. However, Good says if a consultant can’t be found, it would be bad news for the translation project. “It could very well postpone it. It’s critical that we have at least one in place by September. It would be very difficult to move ahead without at least one French-speaking consultant.”

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