Story number 3 for 14 May 2002

By May 14, 2002

(Afghanistan)–The story of the Afghani people is a stark one. For years, drought starved them, followed by wars, and then finally, terrorism. As a result, disillusionment has grown throughout the country. Back to the Bible is stepping in at this time, in partnership with a European-based media ministry to reach the Afghan people through Christian radio. Back to the Bible’s Mark Blowers. “We actually partnered with “Project Pamir” in launching two new radio programs. One is called ‘The Way of Righteousness’, and the other program is called ‘Church in the Home’.” Blowers says their project is geared towards encouraging the struggling church body. He asks people to pray. “Our programs are designed to help them realize they are not alone. There are believers in other cell groups both in Afghanistan and surrounding the country, in some of the refugee camps. This helps them to realize they are not alone, they can persevere, they can carry on with their faith, and even evangelize their neighbors.”

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