Story number 3 for 15 Feb 2001

By February 15, 2001

(Haiti)–Earlier this year, we told you about the predicament of For Haiti With Love’s headquarters. The organization was told that they either had to buy the land they were on, or leave. In the days that followed, For Haiti has been desperately trying to raise 200-thousand dollars. Eva DeHart says things aren’t looking good, with only a few months left to raise three-quarters of that goal. “We would really like to keep the headquarters where it is because it’s emergency medicine and everybody knows where to come. The word is really out that the Lord’s love is free at the For Haiti With Love burn clinic.” When if there was a ‘Plan B’ in case they can’t buy the building, DeHart said: “Don has talked to a lot of people in Haiti, but land is so scarce and so expensive; he really hasn’t had the door open for an alternative to this. We’re praying about that too. If we need a ‘Plan B’, we need a door to open.”

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