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Published on 15 June, 2001

Story number 3 for 15 Jun 2001

(Middle East)–SAT-7 is an indigenous-language satellite television ministry for Christians in the Middle East and North Africa. SAT-7’s Glenn Hartson says they recently purchased digital satellite time that insures a future outreach. “We are trying to develop more and more indigenous-based programming. We’ve taken our two hours of broadcasting and are now replaying that at different times across the regions; so, we’re able to catch people in each one of the different time zones at a time when they would be more available to watch TV.” SAT-7’s buy opens a door for a dynamic growth. Hartson explains that their work serves a two-fold purpose. “It serves to give not only a support to Christians that are there, but help answer questions for people who may not be of the Christian faith in terms of what it is to be a Christian.”

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