Story number 3 for 15 Nov 2001

By November 15, 2001

(Philippines)–New Tribes Mission officials are coolly receiving a report about the imminent rescue of American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham. The report indicates the Philippine Southern Command hopes to rescue the couple by the end of the month. New Tribes Mission’s Scott Ross isn’t too hopeful. “Over the last many weeks we’ve heard that several times that President Arroyo even announced that it would be done, that she was going to neutralize the rebel organization and so I don’t think that’s raised our hopes any hearing this report again because it has been reported several times.” Ross’ comments are supported by the fact that the military has cut back its aerial offensives because of Ramadan. Ross is asking people to pray. “If there’s a military engagement that they would be invisible and that God would protect them from the bullets that might be flying there. Second, that an open line of communication could take place between President Arroyo and the families and also President Bush to see if there isn’t a way that this situation could be settled and we can see Martin and Gracia released.”

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