Story number 3 for 16 Jul 2001

By July 16, 2001

(India) — Even as the persecution against Christian workers builds throughout India, that hasn’t stopped believers from reaching out with the hope of the Gospel. However, Operation Moblization‘s Peter Dance says he senses some potential for trouble. “There is a fundamentalist movement that has caused the persecution both for Muslims and Christians in the country. Fundamentalist Hindus, basically. They’re losing their power base and so that’s why the persecution has come.” Ramabai Mukti Mission’s David Scott adds that their work in India will continue, but they need prayer. ” In general, persecution is an issue. We’ve had to revamp all that we do in the area of communication with the Christian community in India. A lot of the things that we would like to share in our publications and our prayer requests in India itself, we simply cannot do. The mail is being intercepted and they become targets.” Please pray for the safety of believers in India, and that they will be able to stand strong.

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