Story number 3 for 16 Oct 2001

By October 16, 2001

(Kazakhstan)–An evangelical ministry is training children’s pastors in the predominately Muslim nation of Kazakhstan. Bible Mission International’s Malcolm Smith says he just returned from that country where the training they’re offering is rare. “Because we’ve chosen, as an organization, to work with the existing local church and to equip the believers with resources for them to do the actual work of the ministry. And, they’ve stressed to us that this is a very critical juncture for the church, that they have increased opportunities to share the Gospel.” Smith says the terror attacks on the U-S are causing many nominal Muslim young people to rethink their faith. He says that’s why they need to train more pastors. “For $150 we will be able to prepare one of those children’s pastors to do the training. So, basically for just dollars we’re able to affect children’s eternity.”

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