Story number 3 for 17 Mar 2003

By March 17, 2003

(India)–Sociologists predict India will gradually abandon its austere ways and restrictions as its youth come into their own. Their generation is the product of change, wrought by socio-economic, political and religious liberalization in India. Mission Evangelism’s Adrian Jones describes what’s happening as a ‘cultural revolution’. “What I’ve seen coming down the pike in time, is that this rebellion is taking place against Hinduism, and other kinds of religions, similar to that, that is [are] not lasting and satisfying.” Jones believes the change in mindset may open hearts, in the long run, to the Gospel. He says that means believers need to be ready. “It is going to help us, I think, from a Christian point of view. The rebellion is against something that they dislike over there, and have disliked obviously, for a long time. They’re turning now, more and more to Christianity, and more to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

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