Story number 3 for 17 Sep 2002

By September 17, 2002

(China)–A new leadership is learning the ropes in China’s church body. As part of the process, the church leaders are re-examining their role and response to government, growth and faith issues. China Partner’s Erik Burklin says among the key concerns they have is: “That Christians in the West would continue to remember the church in China, especially those in leadership, as they’re wrestling through the theological thinking process that they’re in right now.” Burklin adds that their work with the church is meeting some needs, but there is much to do. “The people coming to know Christ are in the thousands, so they cannot keep up with discipling them and really getting them grounded deeply in the Word. So, that’s an area where we at China Partner really sense the need and want to help.” China Partner supports 22 seminaries and Bible schools in China, dedicated to serving the church by training emerging Christian leaders.

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