Story number 3 for 18 Jul 2000

By July 18, 2000

Suffering from 80-percent unemployment and extreme poverty, a Christian humanitarian group is giving people hope in Jamaica. Food for the Poor’s Russ Russell just return from the island nation where, with the help of National Religious Broadcasters, they plan to build two-thousand homes in the year 2000. Russell says they’re making fine progress. “We’re close to about 2,000 homes pledged. And, we’re hoping to get all 2,000 pledged by the end of the year, so that we can have the housing done by the middle of 2001. It cost 2,000 dollars.” Russell says the effort isn’t simply to provide homes for people. The desire is to see people come to Christ. “In each one of these areas there’s no church. It’s kind of how Christ did when He healed a leper on saw the woman at the well, he always took care of our physical needs. And, that’s what we’re doing, but along side they’re homes, we’re going to be building a church.”

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