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Published on 19 April, 2001

Story number 3 for 19 Apr 2001

(Philippines)–Despite opposition to the Gospel in parts of the Philippines, pastors are eagerly seeking church planting and evangelistic training. Doctor David Shibley of Global Advance recently held a Frontline Shepherds Conference on the Island of Mindanao, where more than one-thousand pastors attended. “Pastors don’t have the opportunity for formal training. We obviously can’t give them a Bible school education in three or four days. What we can give them is a track to run on. As the Lord provides we want to really continue to resource pastoral leaders in the Philippines because we believe they’re a crucial part of seeing the fulfilling of the Great Commission throughout Asia.” The church, says Shibley, has other challenges. “A challenge both from communism and from Islam. However, there is a tremendous advance of the Gospel. I think there’s been an immerging younger church in the Philippines that is very evangelistic.” 30-dollars provides “harvest kits” to help in church planting and evangelism in these harsh conditions.

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  • Primary Language: Tagalog
  • Primary Religion: Christianity
  • Evangelical: 12.3%
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