Story number 3 for 19 Feb 2002

By February 19, 2002

(USA)–The Olympics represents more than winning an athletic competition. As Sports Spectrum’s Bill Bumpas reports, it’s also about winning souls. “The skiing and snowboarding venues are here in Park City, about 40-minutes east of Salt Lake City. This is a party atmosphere with shopping, and eating, and people just having a good time. It’s also a great opportunity for street witnessing. David Austin, with Action Ministries [International] in Georgia, is praying God’s blessings as he shares his faith with people on the street. “Specifically, we would just pray that the Lord would bring the people that He wants to hear; bring them to us. That’s what I pray, is that we feel that there are divine appointments happening out here on the street-that we’re coming face to face with people that He wants to win into His kingdom.” David Austin tells me that the first person he had a chance to visit with made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. In Park City, Utah, Bill Bumpas, Mission Network News.”

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