Story number 3 for 19 Nov 2001

By November 19, 2001

(India)–Millions of the lowest caste in India recently threw off decades of oppression by renouncing Hinduism. Many believed this was a political move rather than one of faith. Shortly after that, Global Advance’s David Shibley met with hundreds of church leaders for a Frontline Shepherd’s Conference. He was impressed by the pastors’ dedication to reach out to the Dalits with the Gospel. “There is a tremendous commitment that they have undertaken, not only to receive them, but also to assimilate them into the entire family of Christian faith in India, and to disciple them as followers of the Lord Jesus.” Shibley says there are some rough waters ahead. He asks Christians to remember these leaders. “We need to pray, particularly, because as literal millions begin to defect from Hinduism, it could very well create enormous unrest. More than once, while I was in India, I heard of the potential, literally, for civil war.”

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