Story number 3 for 2 Feb 1999

By February 2, 1999

An American evangelist is making it financially possible for pastors to get the tools they need for evangelism. Mission Network News’ Greg Yoder wraps up his assignment from Andhra Pradesh state in India with this report. Evangelist Sammy Tippit of God’s Love in Action paid for more than eight-hundred pastors to participate in a conference recently in Andhra Pradesh, India. Tippit says most pastors just can’t afford to come. There’s very little resources and people are living in absolute poverty. Many of these pastors don’t get a monetary salary. What they get for their salary is they’ll give them some food or these guys , some of these guys will sweep the streets to make money just to live on. So, I mean, they’re just barely surviving. Tippit explains why they do it. We are going to try to get these pastors to do the evangelism-multiply what we would do a thousand times. Tippit says this is especially important since pastors are really in need of encouragement during these times of persecution. Greg Yoder, Andhra Pradesh, India.”

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