Story number 3 for 2 Jul 2003

By July 2, 2003

(Middle East)–Some progress is being made in the quest for Middle East peace. Yet, there are concerns for ministries. World Bible Translation Center’s Dale Randolph the anti-Christian, anti-Western sentiment building in the Middle East may force believers into careful action. “I feel it dictates maybe a look at how we do outreach. Anything that’s very visible and that calls attention to itself is going to be very difficult. But outreach that is quietly done, but is just on relationship, dealing with people, I see no problem with it.” Randolph says their Arabic New Testament should be ready for release as early as next month. He says the next phase needs to be bathed in prayer. “Praying generally that the Lord will continue to soften the hearts of the Muslim world, which I think is happening. I find more and more talk over there about Muslims who are genuine, who are sincere, saying, ‘I want to see what this Christianity is about’, and asking for Bibles.”

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