Story number 3 for 2 May 2002

By May 2, 2002

(Central Asia)–On the heels of a warning to Americans be vigilant in Muslim areas, there’s been little change in the mission world. Christian Aid Mission’s John Lindner says the real threat to indigenous Christians, practicing a faith widely regarded as a Western religion, is that they are drawing more fire in areas that are traditionally Muslim. “Many Muslims are very angry at Christians and now there are more persecutions everyday. So, it’s being increasingly difficult for Christians in Islamic countries.” Linder says in spite of the oppression, when believers reach out to help the suffering, their testimony to the love and mercy of Christ speaks loudly. “Christian Aid is trying to get help to all these ministries who are ministering to Afghan refugees and others in different lands. We need to pray that Christians will be protected from this danger and that they can continue to conduct themselves in such a way that they will present a non-threatening ministry to those around them.”

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