Story number 3 for 2 May 2003

By May 2, 2003

(Madagascar)–There’s a cooperative effort to bring The JESUS Film and portions of Scripture to five language groups. The potential of this project could impact over three million people, so says The Seed Company’s Parke Brown. They’re running a series of workshops in Madagascar “…building up to the translation and publication of The JESUS Film in five languages. In this series of workshops, we’ll also be producing a number of portions of Scripture, including the Gospel of Mark, [and] we’re getting close to finishing up the Gospel of Luke.” Brown urges prayer because their teams have faced some problems along the way. “We’d ask people to pray that the workshop (until May 10th) flows smoothly and that some of these hurdles that we’ve faced so far, the one language that’s behind schedule, the other language that’s faced some deaths in the project, that those two projects, in particular, will flow especially smoothly so that the work can continue and God’s Word can get to these people.”

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