Story number 3 for 20 Jul 2001

By July 20, 2001

(Tibet)–Radio is successfully penetrating the Tibetan culture with the Gospel message. Words of Hope’s Dave Bast recently returned from Tibet where responses to their broadcast have been great among these predominately Buddhist people. “The response has grown to the programs each year. It’s increased by leaps and bounds. In the past year, in the year 2,000, they received over 18,000 personal responses. Mostly in the form of letters, telephone calls, emails and personal visits.” Words of Hope partners with FEBA Radio’s Gaweylon (gow-WAY-lawn) or Good News program. Bast says they have big plans for these new believers. “Gaweylon, in addition to the radio broadcast, is in the process of building a training center. They are already working in discipling them. But, the goal is to raise up a future generation of leaders for the churches that we hope will be planted among the Tibetan people.”

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