Story number 3 for 20 May 2003

By May 20, 2003

(China)–The World Health Organization is applauding Asia’s efforts to battle the deadly SARS outbreak. Even as encouraging news came out about the virus, China responded with another stop-gap measure. Hundreds of Americans on the verge of adopting children from China are suddenly in limbo following Beijing’s decision to suspend foreign adoptions because of SARS. Buckner Orphan Care International’s Kristy Moore. “The China Center of Adoption Affairs, which handles the adoptions in China, issued on Thursday, May 15th, that they will no longer be sending referrals or invitations to travel to families. So, those families that have not received that, that have been waiting, their hold is indefinite. That’s the hard part.” Moore says their other programs will continue operation, adding, “We are committed to minister to China, and to other countries around the world that have a need for hope, a need for the love of Christ and have tangible needs. We are able to provide that because of the many people who support our ministry.”

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