Story number 3 for 21 Aug 2002

By August 21, 2002

(India)–The power of prayer is having a forceful effect on an orphanage ministry in India. The results have brought about some exciting changes amongst the orphans, the staff and others. Because of some of the troubles faced by the agency’s staff, for security reasons, we’ll call our source ‘David’. “I received a phone call from one of our senior staff there telling about a movement of the Holy Spirit-There has been a small revival going on-there have been many voluntary confessions of sins and broken relationships that have been healed.” ‘David’ adds that the revival has also spread to embolden a prayerwalk around the orphanage. “We’ve even had a very difficult problem there where we had some persecution and an uprising from some of the people. In the midst of this, our staff, by twos, went around our whole large area (we have about two hundred acres) and just had prayer.”

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