Story number 3 for 21 Nov 2001

By November 21, 2001

(USA)–A new trend may be developing in the days surrounding uncertain times since September. The Internet is being used as a research tool for many topics that people have questions about. That rings true for the International Bible Society, as well. In fact, IBS’ Dwight Anderson says their website has opened doors for evangelism in areas closed to missionaries. “We do have the Arabic Bible and the Farsi, and the Malayalam. Those have become quite popular. We also have the Arabic Bible available for download, and we’ve seen an increase in downloads from that, also.” Anderson says it’s a basic part of human nature to look for divine strength when human strength fails. “There’s an interest in what the Bible has to say, how it can effect people and what it means, especially during the times that we’re living in, right now. People are searching, they’re looking for reasons, they’re looking for answers to hang their belief on.” Please pray that those who are seeking answers will also find other believers whose testimony will speak for the peace of Christ.

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