Story number 3 for 22 May 2000

By May 22, 2000

Voice of Friendship’s Middle East reports a growing evidence of people’s hunger to seek God in highly Muslim-populated areas. According to Far East Broadcasting Company’s Johnny P, the broadcast is unique. “We’re involved in broadcasting into closed countries, countries which are opposed to Christian witness, and where you cannot have a church presence or missionary work. So, the listeners writing from those countries are definitely putting their lives at risk. That’s what encourages us because we can tell that they are genuine.” Johnny adds that Voice of Friendship has readily accepted their Muslim listeners’ invitation to become friends. “The number of people who write to us and say ‘Can I be your friend even though I’m a Muslim?’ is staggering. We sense that there’s an emptiness that they’re just trying to find a friend out there who will listen to them, who they can share their concerns and their struggles with…and it’s amazing how radio is proving to be that friend for a lot of these people.”

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