Story number 3 for 23 Apr 2001

By April 23, 2001

(Egypt)–African Enterprise is planning a massive Christian outreach in Egypt this fall. What makes this unusual is that it involves simultaneous Gospel meeting campaigns in thirteen cities across the country this September. Despite laws against proselytizing the large Muslim population in the country, AEI’s Ernie Smith says there is still a large population who will benefit from hearing the Gospel. “There is a large percentage of the people who come from an original Christian background who are not Christians. There is a large portion of the community that one can challenge.” Smith shares some of his concerns about potential obstacles. “The pitfall is some kind of action by the fundamentalists. The main area of prayer is that the evangelists are exposed to the non-believer. We don’t want this thing to just be something for the church, and so you go to the church and you’re preaching to the converted…but that they do actually bring the non-Christians into the churches.”

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