Story number 3 for 23 Jan 2001

By January 23, 2001

(Bulgaria)–The World Bible Translation Center has officially introduced the contemporary translation of the New Testament to Bulgaria. WBTC’s Brian MacLemore believes this is a translation for all people, from the common person, to the university professor. He sees it as an effective tool in reaching out to the country’s young people. “We distributed two-thousand copies to churches to use in their various ministries, and this is the first contemporary version. It’s been very well received among the youth, college students. It’s also been very popular in the outreaches to the gypsy churches.” MacLemore adds that in making the Bible accessible to the average reader: “Bulgarians, because of the harsh economic situation they have suffered since the fall of Communism, have spread out all around the world. And so, you may not realize in the States some friend or co-worker, may be, in fact Bulgarian, and would like to have a contemporary translation.”

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