Story number 3 for 23 Jan 2003

By January 23, 2003

(Kenya)–In the wake of riotous presidential elections in Kenya, the populace seems to be settling into a wait-and-see pattern. The government appears to be moving in its quest to bring sanity to a nation that was on the brink of implosion three weeks ago. This in turn, has created a window of opportunity for ministry. Audio Scripture Ministries’ Tom Dudenhoffer says they recently launched their Kenya project. “One of our missionaries reported back that free primary education has just been instituted in Nairobi; this is a huge step for the country, and we’re hoping that that continues.” Dudenhoffer says a group of students are working through Nairobi’s rural areas evangelising and using audio Scripture. ASM supplied several Tape-Talk players and the New Testament in Maasai on cassette. Over 400 people committed their lives to Jesus Christ. “So, we’re just asking God to continue to keep things stable and allow the work that’s there to continue to grow and do whatever He wants to have done.”

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