Story number 3 for 24 Jul 2002

By July 24, 2002

(Mali)–Since 1984, Audio Scripture Ministries has been working in Africa to bring the people the Gospel in audio. Despite economic and social difficulties, the hope of Christ continues to work through the ASM staff. Due to their testimony, doors are opening for ministry in local schools and universities. ASM’s Tom Dudenhoffer says another avenue has opened for expansion. “We’re looking at another large project in Mali that will begin in September of next year. It has some interesting twists, because it will include some training of computer skills to Christians who have recently trusted Christ and lost their jobs in this Muslim area.” Dudenhoffer describes illiteracy as a large obstacle to more traditional forms of evangelism. “We see this as a trend, where different areas are finding that there is a renewed need for Scripture in audio because a large percentage of the people simply do not, cannot or will not be able to read.”

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