Story number 3 for 24 Jul 2003

By July 24, 2003

(Nigeria)–Theological education is the key to reaching the African continent with the Gospel. CB International is supporting NEGST, the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. CBI’s Hanz Finzel says they just graduated 40 new students. Finzel says the curriculum isn’t just giving them knowledge. “They are fully accredited, but their curriculum is practically oriented so that they have to be people who are involved in ministry, who have a ministry background, as well as practical ministry assignments during their education so that we’re not just filling up their heads, but we’re filling up their hearts.” Finzel says supporting this type of national education is essential. “I’ve seen a lot of times where people will come here to America and go to our seminaries for training and the problem is often times they won’t go back to the country they came from.” Sponsors are needed to help even more students.

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