Story number 3 for 24 Oct 2001

By October 24, 2001

(India)–While the Dalit exodus from the Hindu faith is less than two weeks away, missionary radio is expected to have an impact on this historic event. Insight For Living is broadcasting in India. Insight’s Rolla Goodyear says this mass demonstration will open doors for evangelism. “Our prayer is that many will embrace, not just Christianity, but actually trust Christ for their salvation of course and then I think Insight For Living is uniquely positioned to teach them in the world of God at that point in time.” Goodyear says Insight for Living will be able to reach out to most of the Dalit population. “Currently, we are in six different languages including the English language and have plans to add a seventh, the Gujarati language. Many of them will speak the Hindi language, which is one of our languages.” Funding is needed to ensure that this ministry continues.

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