Story number 3 for 25 Dec 2000

By December 25, 2000

Christians in Northern India’s Nagaland are bold in their faith, and what better time to show what they’re all about than the celebration of Christmas? Gospel Revival Ministries’ Rich Brown says the Christmas evening service culminates a week of gatherings and anticipation. He shares what one pastor told him about their gathering. “The celebration will be highlighted with the visitation from house to house in the evening, in groups. They call that “Christmas Rumphi”-it’s similar to caroling here in the States. They try to go to every house in town, and it gives the opportunity to witness to the people. In return, the family of the house gives gifts, and with those gifts, they help the needy in the name of Christ-mas.” Gospel Revival Ministries works to equip native pastors to reach their nations for Christ. Both prayer and financial support are vital to continue the momentum that God has started in Nagaland.

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