Story number 3 for 25 Dec 2001

By December 25, 2001

(India)–The Christmas holiday is a time when young people in India seem to be more interested in the Gospel. At least that’s that case at Ramabai Mukti Mission. Ramabai Mukti’s David Scott tells us how the orphans they care for celebrate. “The children usually receive a new sari or a punjabi or a dress. The also get various gifts. They also get a special offering that they that they give for a Christmas offering at the church. And, we also of course, have a big festival of food.” Because the celebration lasts for several days, Scott says this causes many of the children to ask questions. “As they begin to hear what Christmas is about, the birth of Jesus Christ and many of them again not coming from Christian families, don’t have clue, so they begin to understand the birth of Christ, and the incarnation of Christ. It’s a process. It takes some time.”

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