Story number 3 for 25 Dec 2002

By December 25, 2002

(Latin America)–As many focus on Christmas Day celebrations with loved ones, others are including the larger family of their outreach as well. We get the details from Latin America Mission’s Ken MacHarg. “For many missionaries, Christmas day is a time to spend with family and other missionary friends. This day of rest, however, follows a very busy season of ministry and evangelism. In Costa Rica, LAM missionary Lillian Solt reports that her youth groups have come up with novel ways to raise money to help the less fortunate. They box toys and clothing for the children and food for the parents. Lillian says it is gratifying to watch people come to the Lord through this ministry. In Mexico City, Rebekah Mayerend dresses up as a shepherd or another participant in the Christmas story and travels from school to school in her poverty-stricken community to present the Gospel. She says that teachers are open and children very receptive to the Gospel story. For Mission Network News, I’m Ken MacHarg.”

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