Story number 3 for 25 Nov 2002

By November 25, 2002

(Central Asia)–Last week’s summit in Prague expanded NATO’s membership into what was once Soviet territory, marking a new shift in the anti-terrorism fight. Even as world leaders embarked on the campaign, the Central Asian church leaders are quietly continuing their fight against hopelessness. Bible Mission International’s Malcolm Smith explains the project called ‘Central Asia 300’. “The goal of the local evangelical Christian churches there is to plant 300 new churches in the next five years, really reproducing themselves as a saturation church planting movement.” Smith says church leaders are causing others to catch their vision. “We’re very excited about this, because some of the news that we hear coming out of the region is that the authorities are trying to suppress religious freedoms. I think that it’s important to keep in mind that, while there might be things going on that look like they’re suppressing religious freedom, there are still so many opportunities.”

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