Story number 3 for 26 Sep 2000

By September 26, 2000

On December 11th, SEND International’s camp and retreat center in Japan caught fire, resulting in significant damage, but no injuries or loss of life. Since then, the repairs have been completed, and ministry continues. SEND’s Frank Severen. “The chapel has been completely rebuilt, and actually, has been improved. In Japan, wherever the fire occurs, those people are considered to be at fault. So, we put an announcement in the papers apologizing publicly for the fire, and actually, out of that, the neighbors have become much more friendly; we’ve had evangelistic meetings and many from the neighborhood have shown up.” Severen says despite the disruption: “The camping program has continued. And while there was some difficulty in facilities for a period of time, now things are back up and running at full capacity. Pray that the families would be open to sending their children. This is one of the best evangelistic thrusts in Japan.”

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